Water Wood Custom Baits Color Choices

Posted by Water Wood Custom Baits on 13th Apr 2023

Water Wood Custom Baits Color Choices

Many consumers are surprised to learn that Water Wood – a small-scale manufacturer of tournament-grade products – currently offers 54 different color patterns on our lures. Surely it would be easier for us to have a limited number of SKUs, and a limited number of paint jobs with the broadest possible appeal.

We’ve never been about “easy.”

Our goal is always to give anglers what they want, and to give them the best possible products to increase their chances of success. That extends from the wood we use, to our hardware, to our packaging. Everything is top notch. That extends to our colors, too.

We know that most serious bass anglers pay close attention to paint jobs. Even in a single state, fishing for the same species of bass, anglers on different lakes may prefer different options – some might want Spring Craw, some might want Mud Craw and some might want Chartreuse Craw. Even under similar conditions, bass on different waters, or at different times of the year, might show a decided preference for one over the other.

We also listen to our customers. When Florida anglers asked for a Grey Ghost pattern to fish on the Sunshine State’s tannic waters, we heeded their requests and added it. We’re always looking for a way to give you an edge, and color is one way of achieving that goal. If you have more confidence, you’ll fish more efficiently.